UTEP to Hold Active Shooter Reenactment Campus Exercise

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., The University of Texas at El Paso will conduct an Active Shooter Emergency Exercise on campus. It is imperative that the community understand this is an EXERCISE.

“It is important that everyone be prepared in the event of an emergency on the UTEP campus,” said UTEP Executive Vice President Richard Adauto. “Exercises like this allow us to maintain and strengthen our emergency reaction, as well as identify and rectify our weaknesses so as to minimize any confusion which could lead to injury and/or fear.”

University leaders also believe it is important that the UTEP Police Department and outside law enforcement agencies conduct joint training exercises to respond to these types of campus emergencies. In this instance, the UTEP Police Department will work with El Paso Police and El Paso Fire officials.

“Exercises in emergency management promote greater awareness and understanding within UTEP and among area public safety agencies as we continue to work together as one community to be better prepared,” said Chief Clifton Walsh of the UTEP Police Department.

The exercise will be conducted at Memorial Triangle Lawn, inside the Geological Sciences Building, on Dormitory Road, and in half of the parking lot east of the College of Liberal Arts Building (IC-2). Law enforcement and emergency response personnel and vehicles may be visible in these areas. The area surrounding Cotton Memorial Building may also be affected.

The University asks that those faculty, staff, students and visitors who will be on campus during that time please make the effort to avoid these areas.



-          For the exercise the “shooters” and police officers will be using blanks. There will be no flash bangs or any type of explosive devices.

-          The “shooters” will be members of the El Paso Police Department Explorer group. The “hostages” will be CERT members.

-          The exercise area around Memorial Triangle and the Geological Sciences Building will be secured with barriers and caution tape. In addition, the UTEP Parking Department will provide guards to monitor the area to prevent anyone from entering.  

-          There will be one area designated as an entrance into the exercise area. At this entrance there will be safety officers who will inspect everyone entering the area to ensure that nobody participating in the exercise has any live ammunition.

-          Dormitory Road will be blocked off for potential use by emergency vehicles.

-          Part of the College of Liberal Arts parking lot (IC-2) will be used by El Paso Fire Department emergency crews as part of the triage area for the “victims” during the exercise. The Liberal Arts Building will be fully accessible, as will the back half of the parking lot, during the exercise.